Producing the organizational change while maintaining and increasing productivity and profitability.

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Building Effective Governance Framework to Align the Organization's Business Processes with its Strategic Goals


Transformative Governance Management

Never before have business process management and governance been more important, and if you think it is irrelevant then consider the following:

  1. How does a factory improve manufacturing throughput?
  2. How does retail organization ensure consistent high quality service?
  3. How does a hospital deliver emergency life-saving treatment?
  4. How does a logistics company get product to its destination quickly and reliably?
  5. How does a power company ensure the lights stay on?

Windsor Lindor ensures business process outcomes are in harmony with an organization’s strategic goals.  He will focus on the entire process from beginning to end, introducing innovation into the process that can impact results, enhance profitability and assist the organization to meet its business objectives and goals.

Windsor balances the needs of the key stakeholders and implement a solution that obtains the desired business outcome. He delivers superior value to all customers by providing high quality solutions. These services are designed to enable your organization to build an effective governance framework to align its business processes with your strategic Goals.


Windsor Lindor knows it is important to find the right and experienced solutions architect to assist you in setting standards and priorities for your organization business process management (BPM) efforts, in order to improve your organization BPM's strategies, optimize the organization’s business processes and make workflow more efficient and effective. That’s why Windsor Lindor offers an hourly rate or a flat fee.  He also offers a thirty minute phone consultation to walk you through the entry point to your business needs and objectives.

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    Windsor Lindor has over 20 years of experience as a practitioner working with processes, as a project manager, implementing processes, and ultimately, as a consultant, Windsor is on the front lines of organizational transformation and accountable for ensuring his clients have the right processes and governance in place for both operational readiness and compliance.


    Windsor Lindor

    Executive-Life Coach, Project Manager and Business Consultant 

    As a contract Solutions Architect, Windsor Lindor established and managed a business process development for the Health Education Department for the Pacific Health Education Center Program where he shifted the culture to one of collaboration, high performance, and customer focus. In his work, Windsor has concentrated on producing large-scale organizational change while maintaining and increasing productivity and profitability by unleashing the power of people through enhanced communication, collaboration and teamwork.

    Windsor Lindor is known for his level of detail at which he operates. He is concerned about both the business and the technical decisions being made regarding the solution and how they impact the organization's business outcomes. Most of his focus tends to be on identifying requirements that require some big choices to be made about the business governance and technology being used. Throughout a given project, Windsor will provide recommendations that impact the organization governance, businesses processes, selection and use of technology. This all will lead to defining and establishing the solution architecture, starting from an initial conceptual ‘vision’ and evolving into a more concrete business or software architecture specification.


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