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Excellence In Action

Windsor Lindor Consulting

Excellence In Action

Windsor Lindor Consulting, LLC is a world-class consulting organization. It delivers superior value to all customers by providing high quality executive coaching services and business process improvement consulting services.

Transformative Governance Management


Call 831.324.4653 to know how Windsor can help you draft the blueprint for the successful life that you deserve.

Headquartered in Monterey, CA, Windsor Lindor Consulting LLC was founded in 2003. It gave rise to Life Expansion and Purpose Driven Coaching Program and Lindor Consulting

Sustaining the work of the client and providing governance leadership.

Dedicated to support the  clients in getting them where they want to be and bringing all of the elements of their wellness together to create overall success.

Windsor Lindor

Windsor Lindor works together with the coaching clients in an open and honest way, designing an alliance, gaining clarity on specific challenges they are facing, helping them make decisions.... <Read More>


 Life Coaching Services

  1. Life Expansion - Purpose Driven Coaching Program - A 'Transformational Change Coaching Program' from a safe and powerfully reach learning environment.:
  2. Complimentary Consultation - It will empower you to know how Windsor can help you draft the blueprint for the brand new life you want. a life worth living.<Learn More>
  3. Break Through to Success - The tools you need to generate unbelievable results in your business and personal life. <Learn More>
  4. Life Development (LD) Program -  It provides you with incredible tools for personal and organizational change. <Learn More>

Lindor Consulting


Windsor Lindor facilitates the creation of strategic plans, vision and mission statements, and organizational re-engineering plans to achieve specific business goals.

Entrepreneurship Services

  1. Business Process Governance - The service is designed to ensure your business processes are optimized and aligned with the company objectives. <More>
  2. Aligning Business Processes with Strategic Goals - The service includes policies, standards, guidelines and a process governance framework that works on three levels... <More>
  3. Enterprise Architecture Solution - It provides a complete view of the solution (process, data, infrastructure, services)... <More>
  4. Forty Five Minutes Phone Consultation - Click <Here> for 45 Minutes business consultation.
Building Effective Governance Framework to Align the Organization's Business Processes with its Strategic Goals.