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Excellence In Action

Headquartered in Monterey, CA, Windsor Lindor Consulting LLC was founded in 2003. It gave rise to Life Expansion and Purpose Driven Coaching Program and Lindor Consulting. Windsor Lindor Consulting, LLC is a world-class consulting organization and provides the following services:

  1. Leadership and Personal Development - The program is based on the Co-Active Model (Fulfillment, Balance and Process), a strengths-based, future-oriented process, in concert with the systems-psychodynamic model and the therapeutic model of Acceptance and Commitment. The program provides the keys to the most precious of destinations; the authentic 'Self', fulfillment, prosperity, abundance, balance, prosperity, emotional intelligence and harmony to life and relationships. Each program is designed from a 'collaborative and mentoring culture' approach that offers a highly condensed, fully interactive training regimen built around an advanced process on achieving a life of substance with clearer values. Windsor Lindor also helps coaching clients to unlock their full potential, develop sound leadership skills, get clear about their goals, identify and align them with their core values. <Learn More About The Program>

  2. Transformative Governance Management Service - Windsor Lindor facilitates the creation of strategic plans, vision and mission statements, and organizational re-engineering plans to achieve specific business goals. Mr. Lindor ensures organizational process outcomes are in harmony with the strategic goals.  Windsor Lindor focuses on the entire organizational process from beginning to end, introducing innovation into the process that can impact results, enhance performance, maintain effectiveness and be in compliance with state/federal requirements and assist the organization to meet its objectives and goals. <Learn More About This Service>


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Windsor Lindor brings more than 20 years of experience in management, coaching and business consulting. Mr. Lindor is dedicated to delivering superior value to all customers by providing high quality technology solutions, executive coaching services, business process improvement solutions and consulting services. Windsor Lindor is also committed to support the clients in getting them where they want to be and bringing all of the elements of their wellness together to create overall success. Windsor also offers a series of world-class "life mastery" transformational coaching programs, leadership skills and transformative governance management to generate extraordinary results.