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  Sandra Snell

Sandra Snell

Sandra Snell's mission is to work with her community to ensure that all children have the opportunity to know and understand the importance of their heritage. Sandra also has a passion to work with women by providing them the coaching tools to empower them to open their minds and hearts as to how worthy they are, and the spectacular things that they are capable of.

Sandra Snell - Program Manager

Sandra J. Snell has over 20 years of project management experience in the assessment and Language industry. Sandra Snell has shown consistent track record of effectively increasing business profitability by 10 to 15 percent, managing costs, and developing productive customer relations. Known for creative problem solving, developing high impact, cohesive, cross functional teams, and completing projects on time, within scope and budget. Strong communications and negotiation skills.
Sandra J. Snell Specialties are: Budget analysis, budgeting, customer service, database management logistical planning, personnel management, process engineering, quality management, technical support and Salesforce applications.


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