Producing the organizational change while maintaining and increasing productivity and profitability.

Lindor Consulting

Innovation & Excellence Starts Here - Lindor Consulting business process management governance services are designed to ensure your business processes are optimized and aligned with the company objectives

 Transformative Governance Management

Building Effective Governance Framework to Align the Organization's Business Processes with its Strategic Goals.

Lindor Consulting ensures:

  1. Entrepreneurs will successfully create their tax-exempt company.
  2. The effectiveness of the non profit company and its abilities to perform essential functions necessary to fulfill its mission.
  3. Business process outcomes are in harmony with the company’s strategic goals.

 Call the office at (831) 324-4653 to learn more.

   August 28, 2018    A live conversation about the formula to gain a clear life plan and the success you desire for your business... <  Learn More  >

August 28, 2018

A live conversation about the formula to gain a clear life plan and the success you desire for your business... <Learn More>

The Services

  1. Non-Profit Organization Formation - Lindor Consulting will help you launch your non-profit organization successfully, maintain effectiveness and be in compliance with state/federal requirements... <More>
  2. Aligning Business Processes with Strategic Goals and Enterprise Architecture Solution - They include policies, standards, guidelines/process governance framework, a complete view of the solution. 
  3. FREE 30-Minute Non-Profit Organization Consultation -  <More>

Transformative Governance Management


Lindor Consulting ensures business process outcomes are in harmony with an organization’s strategic goals. Call the office at (831) 324-4653 to learn more.

Transformational Change - Leadership & Personal Development

UNLOCK Your Full Potential For A Life Of Fulfillment, Prosperity & Abundance.

Life Expansion - Purpose Driven Coaching Program - The program offers a series of world-class "life mastery" transformational coaching program, leadership skills and transformational change principles to generate unbelievable results in your life. Windsor Lindor focuses on providing coaching services from a safe place and through a high-quality, executive-life coaching program.

Call 831.324.4653 to know how Windsor Lindor can help you draft the blueprint for the successful life that you deserve.

I reached out to Windsor to assist my law firm in assessing our current web and social media presence. He assessed my current situation, provided a well-laid out project plan, worked closely with our current hosting service, and created a new and very much improved website for my company. His skill in web architecture as well as his understanding and application of social media sites has created the boost my company needed to generate more business. Because of Windsor’s attention to detail and subsequent improvements to my marketing process through my website as well as social media, I am now maximizing my potential return on my investment. I highly recommend Windsor Lindor if you want to see a significant increase in your client base. For more information visit him at
— John Coniglio, Attorney