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Windsor Lindor’s passion is helping executives create a masterpiece personally and professionally. Windsor Lindor brings more than 20 years of experience in management and consulting. He is a nationally-acclaimed Executive-Life Coach, Project Manager and Business Consultant. Windsor Lindor focuses on providing services through a high-quality executive-life coaching program, life development training, business process management and governance program. His clients include entrepreneurs,  leaders, managers, CEOs and top executives of organizations ranging from Fortune 500 companies to startups and non-profits.

87% of Windsor's new business comes from referrals. There is no higher tribute a client can give than to refer a friend or colleague. He is dedicated to getting you great results and believes that is the best marketing he could possibly do.

Windsor enjoys reading about mindfulness, excellence, leadership, management, emotional intelligence, business, investments, transformational change, coherence, awareness and purpose. Windsor surfs the wave of transformational change, tunes in, assess and takes his next step purposefully through excellence in action.

Windsor Lindor has facilitated the creation of strategic plans, vision and mission statements, and organizational re-engineering plans to achieve specific business goals. He has assisted his clients in: developing project management, marketing strategies, reducing operational and material costs, delivering IT architectural standards and practices through project and program involvement, developing organizational leadership and team building and fostering corporate growth through transformational/creative change and innovation initiatives. Mr. Lindor has extensive professional experience with significant executive leadership accomplishments in business, philanthropy and the nonprofit sector.

Windsor Lindor considers his approach to leadership is to lead at a higher level through transformational change. An approach that motivates others to be/do more than they originally intended and often even more than they thought possible. It allows the achievement of higher performance and the co-creation of “the greater good”.  It also sets more challenging expectations while acting with respect, care and objectivity for the well-being of all involved.

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"My primary tasks, as a human being in the theater of life, are to excavating my authentic 'Self' and becoming free to be in alignment with my true destiny, my life purpose.  Living my life purpose is success and will never make me unhappy." ~ Windsor Lindor

Windsor Lindor loves reading, observing, thinking, spinning ideas around and he enjoys mental stimulation every bit as much as he enjoys a good meal. In fact, if he had to choose between a good book or movie and a good meal, he would choose the former.

Favorite BooksCoherence - The Secret Science of Brilliant , Beyond the Mat , Strengths Based Leadership, Development Through Life, Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance, The Intelligent Investor, Daniel Goleman Emotional Intelligence, Mindful Leadership, The Ethics of Vulnerability, Managerial Economics.

Windsor Lindor managed large IT projects for major private/public organizations and Government Agencies. His qualifications include savvy diplomatic skills and a natural affinity for cultivating business relationships and persuading, convening, facilitating, and building consensus among diverse individuals. Known for his energy, creativity, and winning approach toward organizational change, Windsor Lindor has been effective in providing new thinking models and coaching to executive teams. Windsor Lindor assisted corporations in returning the company to leadership in creativity and innovation in order to capture markets, in focusing resources toward targeted goals, in designing matrix-based operations to improve productivity, and in instituting cultural change.

  Windsor Lindor,    Executive-Life Coach, Project Manager and Business Consultant 

Windsor Lindor, Executive-Life Coach, Project Manager and Business Consultant 

Windsor's Transformational Leadership skills, Executive Coaching Skills and Business Process Management Governance skills to provide recommendations that impact the individual and the business governance, the selection and use of technology.  Mr. Lindor's commitment is to understand and address the concerns of the key business-stakeholders. He guides his clients toward their desired goals quickly and easily and his work has focused on providing them the tools to:

  1. Construct an unshakable footing that supports them to create an extraordinary life and achieve extraordinary results in a meaningful and lasting way.
  2. Ensure the organizational process outcomes are in harmony with the strategic goals.  
  3. Enhance performance, maintain effectiveness and be in compliance with state/federal requirements and assist the organization to meet its objectives and goals.

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Windsor's  Clients

Windsor's clients come from varied backgrounds such as entrepreneurs, CEOs, scientists, medical, engineers, parents, educators, pastors, therapists and community leaders. Mr. Lindor empowers adults to live their dreams. He works to find alternative options to help individual clients with life-pressures and stresses with achieving an improved lifestyle model to fit their lifestyle, image and needs. His primary focus with a client is to source outer results from inner processes, to facilitate the client's self-discovery, and to support, encourage and motivate the client on his or her own unique path to self-actualization. Windsor provides successful governance leadership, oversight and strategic planning support to a community of profit and non-profit organizations.

Windsor Lindor has successfully worked with CEOs and top executives in achieving their professional objectives and breaking through to their success within the context of the organization’s values and business goals. Mr. Windsor offers a proven record of successful consulting on issues of business process management (BPM) governance, strategy, organizational design, productivity and breakthrough results. Included among his clients are business leaders and the following list is a sample:

  • Grupo Flor, John R. Coniglio Attorney at Law, New England Health Care, Humanitarian Policy and Conflict Research-Harvard University, Onyx Spectrum Technology, Commonwealth of Virginia (Virginia Lottery), City of Brockton, Massachusetts, Cleveland Municipal School District, Massachusetts Highway Department, Boston University, Fullarmor Corporation, Democratic National Convention 2004, Molecular Pharmaceuticals, Epiphany, US Commerce, IBM, Lotus Development. Booz Allen Hamilton, the US Commerce Department and the Census Bureau. 

    Windsor Lindor Solutions Architect, Executive Coach, Entrepreneur   


Windsor Lindor
Solutions Architect, Executive Coach, Entrepreneur



Windsor Lindor knows it is important to find the right and experienced solutions architect to assist you in setting standards and priorities for your organization business process management (BPM) efforts, in order to improve your organization BPM's strategies, optimize the organization’s business processes and make workflow more efficient and effective. That’s why Windsor Lindor offers thirty minutes consultations to walk you through your business needs for an effective governance framework to align the organization's business processes with its strategic goals.

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