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Business Process Management Governance



Transformative Governance Management

Business process governance Highlight

Lindor Consulting business process management governance services are designed to ensure your business processes are optimized and aligned with the company objectives and will help you:

  1. Assess and document current processes and model and simulate new processes.
  2. Govern the entire life cycle of business processes using policies, standards and guidelines.
  3. Evaluate the deployed business processes against the stated operational and performance objectives to identify areas of potential improvement.

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To help Windsor Lindor best serve your inquiry, he highly recommends that you first describe the issue you’re having before telling him what you want to achieve. You may also call his office to make an appointment. The general response time is one business day.

aligning business processes with strategic goals

The services include policies, standards, guidelines and a process governance framework that works on three levels to align/innovate, optimize/improve, and operate/manage your business processes. By establishing an effective governance framework, you can align process performance with:

  1. Business goals;
  2. Rapidly design, simulate,
  3. Implement process improvements in response to changes in the business environment;
  4. Measure and manage the performance of day-to-day business process execution.

Enterprise Architecture Solution Highlights

  1. Develop the overall technical vision and solution.
  2. Develop technology solutions to meet business needs.
  3. Translate solutions into executable projects.
  4. Validate the business requirements and building the technical requirements.
  5. Recommend and/or decide which technologies will provide the best solution for the organization.
  6. Provide a complete view of the solution (process, data, infrastructure, services) and inputs that the organization can use to update each area of the Enterprise Architecture.
  7. Ensure that all design and test documents align with the architectural solution and drive the resolution of technical issues.

Thirty Minutes Phone Consultation For Executives and Entrepreneurs

Windsor Lindor knows it is important to find the right and experienced solutions architect to assist you in setting standards and priorities for your organization business process management (BPM) efforts, in order to improve your organization BPM's strategies, optimize the organization’s business processes and make workflow more efficient and effective. That’s why Windsor Lindor offers an hourly rate or a flat fee.  He also offers a thirty minute phone consultation to walk you through the entry point to your business needs and objectives.

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Performance improvements are:

* Workable and maintained over the short, medium and long term.
* Fully aligned with business objectives and organizational strategy.
* Acted to orient and facilitate Process Management, in that it defines goals, roles, responsibilities and instruments.
* As a result, efforts to improve process management are directed to a common goal, avoiding the usual duplication of effort and converging to achieve the goals.